Byron Rodriguez, Block Plant ManagerI am pleased to recommend the Aqualine team for water management consulting services. Our plant uses steam boilers to power the kilns used in our cement manufacturing process. It is vitally important that the boilers operate as efficiently as possible to maximize production and profit. Ten years ago, before Aqualine came on board, we discovered tremendous calcium buildup in the plant’s boiler tubing.

The scale was so severe that the boiler did not pass inspection from the city, and our plant was told to replace the tubing immediately. Based on a recommendation, we called the Aqualine team. Aqualine assisted in physically and chemically cleaning the fouled tubing. The boiler has been operating smoothly ever since.
Since Aqualine took over our water management needs, there have been no issues with our boiler. More importantly, Aqualine has reduced our boiler operating costs by approximately 50%.

We enjoy a great working relationship with the Aqualine team. The team is incredibly capable and knowledgeable about the water management field, and we fully recommend their engineering staff and services

Byron Rodriguez, Block Plant Manager
Cemex-Charlotte Block Plant

Chris SnyderThe Aqualine team can be counted on to respond effectively to any technical or operational issue involving water treatment at any time or day. Their skilled, knowledgeable, and creative approach to resolving technical issues is cutting-edge, and I have been extremely pleased with their service. I can recommend them with enthusiasm and will continue to work with them at every opportunity.

Chris Snyder

Tom Sanctis, Vice President Commercial ConstructionAqualine’s services have proven to be instrumental in helping the North Carolina Research Campus meet targeted project completion dates, and follow-on programs to existing buildings have been on schedule and on budget. They were key partners in resolving technical issues that would have severely delayed completion of the project’s premier building.

Tom Sanctis, Vice President Commercial Construction
Castle & Cooke NC, LLC

David D. Spires, Facilities ManagerFor several years, I have had the opportunity to work with you and your Aqualine staff at Boeing manufacturing locations in North Charleston, SC. Aqualine has provided all water
management programs on the site, including our central chilled water plants, cooling towers, heating hot water systems, and autoclave operations, beginning with the early development of the site and continuing through build out of the main fabrication facility.

The site is a challenge not only with internal plant controls, but moreover we have a rapid construction pace and complexity as we develop Boeing’s North Charleston campus to achieve full rollout of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft manufacturing operations. Aqualine has
kept pace as a valued partner in these demanding times. The success of our facilities water management program with Aqualine Service Contracts is evidenced through ongoing
equipment inspections as well as trending of analytical reports against performance benchmarks. Your performance as a valuable member of our Maintenance Team has been
excellent. I would recommend Aqualine without hesitation to anyone looking for a water management firm that can truly deliver value towards the bottom line through innovative sustainable technology.

David D. Spires, Facilities Manager
The Boeing Company