Critical Facility Services

typical-critical-facilityThe average cost per minute of datacenter downtime is $5,600*. With the ever growing demand for more data at a faster rate, downtime is not an option. Our success in the management of cooling towers, closed loop systems and process water is demonstrated through continued relationships with critical facilities clientele across the country. Additionally, we provide and maintain services for reverse osmosis, softeners, filtration, deionization, effluent sampling, grey water systems, rain water systems and more! All our engineers hold LEED AP certification and maintain crucial, up to date knowledge on how to efficiently and effectively maintain water systems in critical facilities. We have been entrusted to provide water management service to many critical facilities nationwide.

Water Footprint Analysis:

water-footprint-analysisA 15-megawatt data center can use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day*. As population increases, our supply of water remains fixed hence, less abundant. Therefore, with the proliferation of data centers, it is vital to minimize water consumption. Water footprinting can quantify water use in any building and expose the areas of inefficiency. We can provide a water footprint survey that can help achieve the following goals:

  • Formulate sustainable water strategies and policies
  • Serve as water resource management
  • Water optimization/allocation planning
  • Identify reuse opportunities and minimization strategies such as harvested rain water for cooling tower make-up
  • Employ controls to monitor water use for different applications


Reclaimed Water:

reclaimed-waterData centers require redundancy and there is no exception for water. In many sectors well water, grey water, foundation water, and rain water sources may be used as a back up to potable water. These water sources require pre-treatment in order to properly utilize the water for cooling tower applications. We can help determine the pre-treatment required by analyzing the water quality available. We can assist in design options and maintenance programs of pretreatment. Including :

  • Water softeners
  • Ultra violet disinfection
  • Media filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Green sand filtration
  • Chemical applications

Humidification Systems:

humidification-systemsData Centers require the control of humidity and the balance of temperature to maximize equipment, reliability and reduce operational costs. This is the cornerstone to ensure uptime. The water provided for humidifaction is generated through a process known as Reverse Osmosis (RO) – filtration through membrane based technology. Aqualine provides design assist services, and maintenance services including:

  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Filter/UV Replacement
  • DI Replacements
  • RO Membrane Cleaning

filtration-for-cooling-towerFiltration for Cooling Tower – Closed Loops Systems:

Suspended solids in process water systems can wreak havoc on heat exchange efficiency. Downtime in data centers is not an option! Effective filtration can result in reduced energy consumption, improved chemical performance, lower maintenance costs, and less downtime. In addition, filtration can minimize potential for harmful pathogens such as Legionella. Aqualine has experience and knowledge in designing effective filtration equipment for condenser water systems.

TES Systems:

tes-systemsTES systems are effective in providing data centers with chilled water reserves in an event of an outage. In addition, they also reduce energy costs by balancing energy demand between day and night. Unfortunately TES reservoirs are susceptible to microbial attacks! Therefore, TES systems require a different approach to chemical treatment than a typical chilled water system. With the complexity and elusive nature of microorganisms, concerns for microbial induced corrosion must be addressed. Aqualine has successfully treated numerous TES systems reaching 3.0 million gallons and has the qualified experience to employ proper chemistry and microbial control parameters.

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